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CRR Webinar: How Does the Palm Oil Spot Market Contribute to Deforestation?

Palm oil spot markets have become a backdoor that has allowed non-compliant producers to enter into the supply chains of companies with No Deforestation, No Peatland, and No Exploitation policies. The spot market’s nature allows palm products to cross many hands before reaching their final destinations, making due diligence difficult.

Please join Chain Reaction Research (CRR) analysts for a discussion on the palm oil spot market, how it contributes to deforestation and what market players can do to perform due diligence to reduce their exposure to deforestation.

Date - July 22, 2020
Time - 10:00 UTC−5 (EST - Eastern Standard Time) (US and Canada)
Hosts - Thre three partners in the CRR consortium: Aidenvironment, Profundo, Climate Advisers

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WEDNESDAY, 27 MAY 2020, 10H00 – 11H15



Juliette Laplane from Profundo will, together with Kees Kodde from Oxfam Novib give an introduction to Profundo and the FFGI Methodology. Profundo shares its insight into conducting FFGI Policy Assessments of DFIs, the importance of a rigorous methodology, and a comparative understanding of DFIs from around the world.



Soy-Driven Deforestation in Brazil: Which Countries, Sectors and Companies Source From the Cerrado?

The global meat industry and the market for vegetable oils such as soybeans have seen a massive boom in recent years. High production growth rates, fueled by consumer demand in Brazil, the EU and China, are particularly prevalent in the Brazilian Cerrado, contributing to massive deforestation, biodiversity loss, and higher greenhouse gases. We examine which countries, sectors and companies source soy from Cerrado and can be linked to deforestation.

Please join CRR analysts for a webinar to discuss our findings on the deforestation risks of soy cultivation in the Brazilian Cerrado.

Date - March 26th, 2020
Time -  10 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Hosts - The three partners in the CRR consortium: Aidenvironment, Profundo, Climate Advisers

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Profundo director Jan Willem van Gelder is in panel 1 (Ensuring Science Determines What’s Sustainable) at the conference "Nothing short of a revolution: Green Finance and the EU taxonomy", organized by Transport & Environment, in Brussels, on Wednesday 19 February:


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