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To illustrate our broad expertise, covering many different economic sectors, commodities, sustainability themes and countries, this page gives an overview of the different projects executed by Profundo over the years. In the menu, you can filter the projects by thematic area. Each project is described briefly and where available the project portfolio - such as reports, brochures or presentations - is provided. Attention is also given to the exposure generated by the project in the media, in politics and elsewhere.

When you are looking for a specific report, we recommend to go to our Portfolio page.

We analyse the financial parameters of companies and assess how companies and their financiers could be affected in different scenarios by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks related to deforestation, climate change emissions, human rights abuses, resource depletion, health impacts and other sustainability issues.
We analyse the various human rights and other sustainability risks in international commodity supply chains and identify what different stakeholders can do to foster sustainable development of value chains in agriculture, forestry, livestock, energy, fisheries and mineral sectors.
We analyse how companies are financed by banks, shareholders and others financiers, to assess what financiers could do to foster sustainable corporate practices. Also, we dig into ownership structures and the schemes companies have set up to minimise tax payments.
We assess and benchmark responsible investment and credit policies of banks and investors and we advise on how policies can be improved and implemented through screening, voting, engagement and exclusion strategies.

March 2019

March 20, 2019
Banking on Climate Change
This report reveals that 33 global banks have provided $1.9 trillion to fossil fuel companies since the adoption of the Paris climate accord at the end of 2015. The amount of financing has risen in each of the past two years.

Report: Rainforest Action Network and BankTrack: Banking on Climate Change

BankTrack and RAN: Citigroup cancels financing of Indonesian food giant Indofood over palm oil labor abuses

BankTrack: Crédit Agricole gets real on coal, but oil & gas restrictions must follow, says BankTrack

BankTrack: Report finds global banks poured $1.9 trillion into fossil fuel financing since the Paris Agreement was adopted, with financing on the rise each year

Clean Technica: Banks Funneled $1.9 Trillion Into Fossil Fuels Since Paris Agreement

Digital Journal: Funding fossil fuels is 'cash cow' for Canada's major banks

El Périodoco de la Energia: Santander y BBVA, entre los 33 bancos ‘más sucios’ del mundo: suman más de 27.000 millones de inversión en compañías de combustibles fósiles desde 2016

Fast Company: Banks pumped $1.9 trillion into fossil fuels since the Paris climate deal

Financial Times: Banks must cut the flow of funding for fossil fuels

Financial Times: The week in energy: The Exxon Valdez spill 30 years on

Finews: Climate Change: Greenpeace Targets UBS and Credit Suisse

Global Capital: Green drive dwarfed by lenders $1.9tr fossil fuel financing

Global Capital: Green drive dwarfed by lenders $1.9tr fossil fuel financing

Green Tech Media: Report: Banks Have Invested $1.9 Trillion in Fossil Fuels Since 2015

High Country News: Can the tools of capitalism curb climate change?

Novethic: [Infographie] Depuis La Cop21, Les Grandes Banques Françaises Ont Encore Investi 124 Milliards D’euros Dans Les Énergies Fossiles

OECD: Tracking finance flows towards assessing their consistency with climate objectives

S&P Global: Banks' fossil fuel funding rises, environmental groups warn

Sierra: Is Your Bank Financing Climate Catastrophe?

Swiss Info: Banks accused of massive fossil fuel investments

Taz: Olaf Scholz, helfen Sie der Arktis

The Energy Mix: ‘Alarming’ Report Shows $1.9 Trillion In New Fossil Investment Since Paris Accord

The Guardian: 'Coal is on the way out': study finds fossil fuel now pricier than solar or wind

The Guardian: UK environmentalists target Barclays in fossil fuels campaign

The Guardian: UK environmentalists target Barclays in fossil fuels campaign

The Young Turks: Does The Green New Deal Go Far Enough?

Think Progress: The stunning hypocrisy of JP Morgan and CEO Jamie Dimon on climate change

US News: Global Banks Have Reversed Course on Climate Change Since Paris

US Senate: Speach by Senator Whitehouse on the financing of fossil fuels by the largest US banks

March 2018

March 28, 2018
Banking on Climate Change
This annual fossil fuel finance report card grades banks on their policy commitments regarding extreme fossil fuel financing and calculates their financing for these fuels from 2015 to 2017. Profundo calculated the segment adjusters to weight financial transactions according to a company’s involvement in a given industry and collected project finance data.
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