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To illustrate our broad expertise, covering many different economic sectors, commodities, sustainability themes and countries, this page gives an overview of the different projects executed by Profundo over the years. In the menu, you can filter the projects by thematic area. Each project is described briefly and where available the project portfolio - such as reports, brochures or presentations - is provided. Attention is also given to the exposure generated by the project in the media, in politics and elsewhere.


We analyse the financial parameters of companies and assess how companies and their financiers could be affected in different scenarios by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks related to deforestation, climate change emissions, human rights abuses, resource depletion, health impacts and other sustainability issues.
We analyse the various human rights and other sustainability risks in international commodity supply chains and identify what different stakeholders can do to foster sustainable development of value chains in agriculture, forestry, livestock, energy, fisheries and mineral sectors.
We analyse how companies are financed by banks, shareholders and others financiers, to assess what financiers could do to foster sustainable corporate practices. Also, we dig into ownership structures and the schemes companies have set up to minimise tax payments.
We assess and benchmark responsible investment and credit policies of banks and investors and we advise on how policies can be improved and implemented through screening, voting, engagement and exclusion strategies.

November 2015

November 5, 2015
Fair Finance Guide International: Undermining the future
This case study of the Fair Finance Guide International focuses on banks' investments in fossil fuels.

Report: Fair Finance France: Banques françaises: quand le vert vire au noir

Report: Fair Finance Guide International: Undermining our future

Website: Les Amis de la Terre (France): COAL: BNP Paribas misses its shot, the match begins!

Website: Move Your Money

Actu-environnement (France): Les banques françaises à reculons devant l'objectif des 2°C

Aktual (Indonesia): FGGI: Investasi Perbankan Masih Banyak di Sektor Energi Fosil

BankTrack: Banks quitting coal news

BankTrack: ING becomes latest bank to stop finance for new coal

BankTrack: New report: Fossil fuels receiving over 9 times more finance than renewable energy from world’s top banks

BankTrack: Newsletter. Banks: Quit coal

Basta Magazine (France): Les banques françaises investissent largement plus dans les énergies sales que dans les renouvelables

BNP Paribas (France): BNP Paribas va consacrer 15MDS € au financement de energies rwnouvables et renforcer son dispositif de gestion de risque carbone

BNP Paribas: BNP Paribas dedicates €15BN in financing for renewable energy and reinforces its carbon risk management policies

De Wereld Morgen (Belgium): Banken blijven fors investeren in schadelijke fossiele brandstoffen

Enerzine (France): Fossiles et renouvelables: la position ambiguë des banques françaises

Finansial (Indonesia): Riset Perbankan Di Sektor Energi Fosil Diluncurkan Hari Ini

Idec (Brazil): Maiores bancos do mundo investem nove vezes mais em combustíveis fósseis do que em energias renováveis

Jitunews (Indonesia): Secara Tak Langsung, Perbankan Berperan Menyumbang Emisi

l'Humanité (France): Les vilains comptes climat des grandes banques françaises

Le Figaro (France): Banques : un discours écologique mais des investissements polluants

Les Echos (France): Réchauffement climatique: quand les ONG dénoncent les "banques fossiles"

Liberation (France): BNP Paribas, amie des énergies fossiles et sponsor de la COP21

Novethic (France): Les banques françaises financent 7 fois plus les énergies fossiles que les renouvelables selon 2 ONG

Nyhederne (Denmark): Rapport: Banker sætter fortsat pengene i fossil energi

Rainforest Action Network: Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo Cut Coal Financing, Join Growing Movement by Banks in U.S. and Europe

Societe Generale (France): Societe Generale commits to the fight against climate change

Sveriges Radio (Sweden): Bankerna satsar fossilt

Terraeco (France): Energies fossiles : les banques françaises ont toujours les mains sales

The Ecologist: Top banks put nine times more money into fossil fuels than renewables

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