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To illustrate our broad expertise, covering many different economic sectors, commodities, sustainability themes and countries, this page gives an overview of the different projects executed by Profundo over the years. In the menu, you can filter the projects by thematic area. Each project is described briefly and where available the project portfolio - such as reports, brochures or presentations - is provided. Attention is also given to the exposure generated by the project in the media, in politics and elsewhere.

When you are looking for a specific report, we recommend to go to our Portfolio page.

We analyse the financial parameters of companies and assess how companies and their financiers could be affected in different scenarios by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks related to deforestation, climate change emissions, human rights abuses, resource depletion, health impacts and other sustainability issues.
We analyse the various human rights and other sustainability risks in international commodity supply chains and identify what different stakeholders can do to foster sustainable development of value chains in agriculture, forestry, livestock, energy, fisheries and mineral sectors.
We analyse how companies are financed by banks, shareholders and others financiers, to assess what financiers could do to foster sustainable corporate practices. Also, we dig into ownership structures and the schemes companies have set up to minimise tax payments.
We assess and benchmark responsible investment and credit policies of banks and investors and we advise on how policies can be improved and implemented through screening, voting, engagement and exclusion strategies.

November 2017

November 15, 2017
Insuring Coal No More
This scorecard assesses how insurance companies are performing on coal and climate change. In all, 15 insurers with over $4 trillion in assets have now taken or are planning action on coal, divesting an estimated $20 billion in equities and bonds or ceasing to underwrite projects.

Report: The Sunrise Project: Insuring Coal No More

24 Heures (Switzerland): Greenpeace met en avant Swiss Re et Zurich

Allianz: Statement on coal-based business models

Asia Insurance Review (Singapore): Investments:Major insurers are going green

CNBC: Allianz to stop insuring coal plants, phase out investments

Der Tagesspiegel (Germany): Keine Kohle mehr mit der Kohle

Deutsche Welle (Germany): COP23: Canada and UK launch anti-coal alliance in Bonn

Energy Business Review (United Kingdom): Insurance companies pull out $20bn investments in coal, says report

Forbes: Insurers Will Be Hard-Hit By Climate Change But They're Not Investing In The Low-Carbon Economy

Klimaretter (Germany): Versicherer steigen aus der Kohle aus

L'espresso (Italy): COP 23, le società assicurative smettono di investire sul carbone. Ma le ombre sono tante

New York Times: Think the Big Banks Have Abandoned Coal? Think Again

Portfolio (Hungary): Hátat fordítanak a régi világnak a világ legnagyobb biztosítói

Responsible Investor: Aviva under fire over coal engagement

Responsible Investor: Best insurers on climate named as Zurich ups coal exclusions

Reuters (United States): European insurers lead U.S. rivals in coal exit: campaign group

Reuters: Allianz cuts back on coal insurance after environmentalist criticism

TASS (Rusland): Insurers cut cooperation with coal companies

The Guardian: Growing number of global insurance firms divesting from fossil fuels

The Hüffington Post: Insuring Coal No More: A Respectful Reception in the Lion’s Den

The Telegraph (United Kingdom): Zurich ends coal investments as insurers pull $20bn from sector

Unfriend Coal: European insurers back Polish coal

Unfriend Coal: First major US insurer takes action on coal

Unfriend Coal: Generali takes half-hearted step on coal

Unfriend Coal: Greenpeace targets Generali AGM over coal projects

Unfriend Coal: Insuring Coal No More

Unfriend Coal: Munich Re takes small step on coal

Unfriend Coal: Paris calls on insurers to ditch coal

Unfriend Coal: Spotlight on Munich Re after Swiss Re stops reinsuring coal projects

WWF Norway: Oljefondet investerer fortsatt i kull

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