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: Public policy

To illustrate our broad expertise, covering many different economic sectors, commodities, sustainability themes and countries, this page gives an overview of the different projects executed by Profundo over the years. In the menu, you can filter the projects by thematic area. Each project is described briefly and where available the project portfolio - such as reports, brochures or presentations - is provided. Attention is also given to the exposure generated by the project in the media, in politics and elsewhere.

When you are looking for a specific report, we recommend to go to our Portfolio page.

We analyse the various human rights and other sustainability risks in international commodity supply chains and identify what different stakeholders can do to foster sustainable development of value chains in agriculture, forestry, livestock, energy, fisheries and mineral sectors.
We analyse how companies are financed by banks, shareholders and others financiers, to assess what financiers could do to foster sustainable corporate practices. Also, we dig into ownership structures and the schemes companies have set up to minimise tax payments.
We assess and benchmark responsible investment and credit policies of banks and investors and we advise on how policies can be improved and implemented through screening, voting, engagement and exclusion strategies.
We analyse the financial parameters of companies and assess how companies and their financiers could be affected in different scenarios by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks related to deforestation, climate change emissions, human rights abuses, resource depletion, health impacts and other sustainability issues.
We analyse public policies in the economic, tax and environmental domains, which could shape or restrain the sustainable transformation of the corporate and financial world, and propose alternative policies.

January 2019

January 8, 2019
Rabobank's Meat Fever
Being a farmers' bank, Rabobank has invested a lot in the cattle industry - 85% of the Dutch agro industry is financed by this bank. Commissioned by Greenpeace Netherlands Profundo has analysed more than 80 (policy)documents of Rabobank.

December 2018

December 13, 2018
Fair Bank Guide Netherlands, 17th update
The Fair Bank Guide is a consumer's tool. More and more consumers consider it of great importance that their bank invests in a sustainable way. The Fair Bank Guide website ( tries to involve consumers in realising the Fair Bank Guide's goals.

November 2018

November 23, 2018
Banques Françaises, les fossiles raflent la mise
The countries, parties to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, have agreed to limit global warming to a maximum of 2°C, and to try to keep it below 1.5°C. Despite the urgent need to act, the measures taken since then are not sufficient to meet these objectives. In the pace of current emissions, we risk exceeding 1.5°C in the coming decades. In 2016 and 2017, the most important French banks (BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, Société General, BPCE, La Banque Postale and Crédit Mutuel-CIC) have invested € 42.9 billion in fossil fuels and only 11.8 billion euros in renewable energy.
November 22, 2018
Fair Bank Guide Sweden - Lägg om växeln
This report provides an overview of the investments and loans of the seven largest banks in the energy sector in 2016 and 2017, the years after the Paris Agreement. Within the framework of the climate agreement, money flows must change to become sustainable. The aim was to see whether the agreement had an effect on the loans and investments of the banks in the energy sector. That is why it is compared with the 2009-2014 figures

September 2018

September 17, 2018
Assessment of the CSR policies of three insurance groups: CZ, Menzis and VGZ
This report for the Fair Insurance Guide assesses, for the first time, the CSR policies of the three insurance groups which the three biggest health insurers, active on the Dutch market, are part of.

May 2018

May 15, 2018
Kids marketing of unhealthy food
The Stop Unhealthy Food Marketing to Kids Coalition, active in The Netherlands, fights for the right of every child to grow up in a healthy environment. As a partner of the Coalition, the Dutch Heart Foundation has commissioned Profundo to assess whether the kids marketing policies of food companies and supermarket chains active in The Netherlands meet the standards of the Coalition.

July 2017

July 25, 2017
Experiences of Sustainable Banking Initiatives from Bangladesh, Brazil & China
This paper explains what regulation for sustainability in banking does and presents some of the experiences that OJK can draw on in its work.
July 4, 2017
Fair Finance Guide Japan: GM companies
Fair Finance Guide Japan has done a case study into the financing of GM companies.

June 2017

June 7, 2017
Tax avoidance by mining companies in developing countries
This research report aims at getting an insight into tax avoidance by mining companies in developing countries through the Netherlands. The report also aims at analyzing (possible) Dutch policy initiatives to tackle tax avoidance by mining companies in developing countries. This is a policy supporting and exploratory research in cooperation with OKC.

October 2016

October 13, 2016
The current state of affairs on financial and tax systems
This study helps the Fair, Green and Global Alliance, a coalition of six Dutch NGOs, to define the present status of global financial and tax systems. Together with two other studies, this provides a baseline for the five-year strategic partnership of the alliance with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aiming to contribute to socially just, inclusive, environmentally sustainable societies.

June 2014

June 18, 2014
RBS and the Dutch government
This research is about the services provided by the Dutch Parliament's principle bank, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), to the government and it looks into to the question whether money of the Dutch government is invested in companies. We have also checked whether RBS has made CSR part of their investments policy. The bank was assessed according to the Fair Bank Guide's methodology.

February 2013

February 7, 2013
The EU and tax havens
Research project about the practices of tax havens which are relevant for the EU budget, EU financial interests and the EU investment climate, including a case study on the Netherlands

January 2013

January 22, 2013
Financial mechanisms to ensure responsible ship recycling
Just as the European Parliament is starting to grapple with how a financial mechanism can ensure that green ship recycling takes place globally and in particular with ships controlled by the European Union, this study argues that such a measure is not only legally defensible but is necessary to ensure the success of any green ship recycling legislation. The report provides three different alternative models: a fund financed by shipowners through taxes levied at EU ports, a ship life insurance scheme, and a savings account coupled to a transitional fund specifically aimed at financing the recycling of older ships.
January 16, 2013
Mapping of direct and indirect government support to the French tropical tuna fleet
The objective of this research project is to conduct an analysis of the direct and indirect government support (at the EU, national and regional levels) provided to the members of the producers’ organisation Orthongel, including their subsidiaries and joint ventures.

November 2012

November 13, 2012
Mapping of direct and indirect government support to the Spanish tropical tuna fleet
The objective of this research project is to conduct an analysis of the direct and indirect government support provided to, and the tax planning strategies used by, the several Spanish tuna fishing and processing groups.

June 2012

June 5, 2012
Overseas loans China Development Bank
This research project looked at recent overseas transactions of the of China Development Bank. A brief analysis of 158 deals in twelve industrial sectors was provided.
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